Furniture Gifts: Sentimental Gifts That Last For Generations

When you walk into the home of someone you love, all your senses begin to record the moment. You recognize the smells of vanilla candles and a wood-burning fireplace—or maybe the aroma of hot chocolate mixed with their signature cookies baking in the oven. You’re familiar with where the floorboards creak, and you know where all the best snacks are stored. This familiarity creates a feeling of warmth, belonging, and love. 

Part of what makes our homes unique is our furniture. 

We paint our walls, carefully select photos to hang and choose furniture pieces that reflect our needs for comfort and community. Our furniture is an extension of who we are and who we invite into our homes. As such, it’s as personal as the curtains we choose and the pictures we hang. 

Buying furniture for a loved one is an investment in that person and their living space. When you purchase furniture for a family member or friend from Troutman Chair Co., you’re giving them a gift they can pass down from generation to generation. 

Whether you would like to give the gift of lasting furniture for a specific holiday, like Christmas, or for more personal days like anniversaries and birthdays, we have ideas on the best furniture gifts for our loved ones. 

Furniture Gifts for Family & Friends

rocking chairs in the living room by Christmas tree - furniture gifts

Finding just the right furniture gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or other important occasions is as personal a process as the relationship you share with the person you’re buying for. You have to be familiar with their tastes, home environment, and the colors they prefer to incorporate into their decor. 

When you choose a piece of furniture to gift to an adult, an excellent place to begin is with our rockers. Everyone loves a beautiful rocking chair!

One of our top-selling rockers that is sturdy, strong, and pleasantly comfortable is the Cottage Rocker. This rocker withstands the test of time in both form and function. Whether you can imagine the recipient gently rocking on his/her front porch with a cup of coffee and a good book, or if you think they’d rather keep their chair near the fireplace in their living room, the scooped seat and side-to-side contour will keep them comfortable for years to come. 

porch rockers

Another of our top-selling rockers is the Classic Rocker. If you’re looking to gift a friend or family member with a tried and true classic, this is the chair for you. One of the most popular features of the Classic Rocker is the wide splayed arms meant to give you more room inside the chair for the best rock of your life. This chair comes in 9 colors. When purchasing several chairs for one space, you can buy contrasting colors for a more dynamic look or stick with one color for a uniform flow.  

We don’t think any furniture gifts list would be complete without the Kennedy Rocker. This rocker is the kind of gift that stays in families for generations. If you’re looking for a beautiful—and functional—piece to pass down to your daughter or son, this is a great place to start! The woven cane seat and back offer firmness and natural spring, and it ships fully assembled and ready to rock. 

Furniture Anniversary Gift Ideas 

We think Kennedy Rockers are especially meaningful as Anniversary gifts. When you give these chairs to a couple, you’re providing them with a place from which to build memories together. 

Imagine your favorite couple sitting across from one another, listening to music, sipping a glass of their favorite beverage, and passing the time in conversation and comfort. What more could you offer than a beautiful piece of furniture from which to connect? 

All the furniture we make at Troutman Chair Co. is constructed using Shaker construction techniques. This means that you will enjoy the furniture we make, and so will generations to come after you. 

Furniture Gifts for Kids 

Child Table and Chair Set

Giving heirloom-worthy furniture to the children in your life is kind of like giving one gift to several people! Not only do the kids enjoy it, but their parents do, as well. 

For the child, or children, who love to spend time coloring or engaging in other crafty activities, Max’s Table Set is an excellent choice. Each set includes a table and two chairs, but if you’d like to make room for other siblings, cousins, or friends, you can always add an Emilie Child Rocker or an Alison Child Rocker

These sets are designed and constructed using the same techniques and processes by which we make our adult chairs. While they’re perfect for tea parties, schoolwork, and art sessions, they’re also able to withstand pretend play like mountain climbing and fort building.

Because we know your children’s furniture must go well with the decor already established in your home, our children’s pieces come in several solid wood finishes. Max’s Table Set comes in Natural, Harvest Oak, White, and Navy. The childrens’ rockers are available in even more colors. 

We’ve all heard the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” – this rocker is “Baby Bear” approved. Saved wood and parts that cannot be used for adult chairs and rockers are “just right” to lovingly make our special children’s line with the same attention to detail as our adult rocking chairs—built with care and quality today for tomorrow’s heirlooms.

With a variety of well-constructed, sturdy furniture gifts to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect gift for every child on your list. 

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