Rocking Chair Therapy

I am a rocker. Not of the musical genre, but rather of the rocking chair persuasion. I have a passion for rocking chairs. Their ability to relax me, the sense of nostalgia they bring and okay, I admit it, the way they look on my front porch.

In this business I come across a lot of tales about rocking from customers and friends. I once had a conversation with a teacher who had used our Aunt Annie Rocker in his classroom to help students with ADD and ADHD to better adapt and focus in the learning environment. I found more and more people were using rocking as a therapy for various ailments. That led me to an internet search where I found research, personal accounts, insights from therapists, and historical references all related to the therapeutic benefits of rocking.

These bits and pieces of information were scattered all over the place and didn’t have a central place to call home. I was so compelled to share my “Eureka!” with the world so I have gathered this information about the non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical approaches of Rocking Chair Therapy.

I hope you find this information as interesting as I did and hope it serves you well. Tell others about it and by all means, rock. And rock often!

Jean Land
Troutman Chair Company

Jean Land - Troutman Chair


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