Rocking Chair Colors & Design Ideas

When it comes to adding a pop of color to your indoor or outdoor spaces, rocking chairs bring comfort and joy to your living areas. There are many ways to experiment with design and color, either blending in your rocker or making it a focal point. Choose the color and style that works best for your space. We’ve put together a list of tips to help make your choices a little easier.

Rocking Chair Colors

When choosing a rocker, you want a chair that brings feelings of peace and comfort. High-quality, handcrafted chairs should be top priority. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun too. Rocking chairs come in a variety of colors:


Teal Rocking Chair - Rocking chair colors

Teals remind us of the sea. The soft hue evokes relaxation and calmness. Pair teal with grey for a more sophisticated look. If your living room is mostly grey, a teal rocking chair will create a rich and serene focal point. If you’d rather go bolder, teal pairs well with yellow, black or red color schemes.


Red Rocking Chair - rocking chair colors

Nothing says statement piece more than red. A red rocker makes a gorgeous focal point to a front porch. It also pairs well with bold and soft colors alike in living rooms. Blues and whites create a more classic pairing.


Green Rocking Chair - rocking chair colors

This earthy hue reminds us of green grass and leaves, bringing the outdoors in. It breathes fresh air and life into a home. A green rocking chair indoors provides an escape, and a valuable place of rest. On the front porch, a green rocking chair provides an easy transition from nature to the home. When decorating with green, pair with whites and brown earth tones.


White Rocking Chair

White brings simplicity and a feeling of purity. Whether you want to go monochromatic or add white to other statement colors, a white rocking chair is easy to add to your existing decor. Have a red couch? Green chairs? A blue rug? No worries. White fits in with everything. Outside, a white rocking chair can bring a monochromatic simplicity to an already white front porch. Or, it can provide an easy pairing with an array of exterior colors. Add a colorful cushion to integrate color if desired.

Natural Wood

Kennedy Rocker

Natural wood-stained rocking chairs provide a classic richness. Darker wood hues stand out against paler colors. However, make sure the rest of your space is bright when choosing a dark tone. Oranger tones pair well with blue. Light wood pairs well with greens. Medium wood stains are extremely versatile. Kennedy rockers (as pictured above) are especially useful for adding classic taste into your design scheme. They are made with natural cane and come in a variety of finishes.

Decorating the Front Porch with Rocking Chairs

front porch with rocking chairs

Choose a rocking chair that complements your house’s exterior. Place a rocking chair by a slat-top table on your front porch for easy access to a cool drink of lemonade in the hot summer, or the warmth of coffee or tea in the winter. A rocking chair cushion can add more comfort and color. Or, you can place a pillow on the rocker. Set out a potted place to bring nature right to your doorstep to complete the look. 

You can also create the look of a fully furnished space on your porch. Add backed benches and a small table next to your rocker for an outdoor living room. Accessorize with rustic lanterns, wreaths, and more.

Decorating with a Rocking Chair in the Living Room

rocking chair in the living room

A rocking chair can be placed anywhere where you would place a recliner. They tend to add warmth and relaxation to a space. Place it next to table lamps or floor lamps for good lighting. Rocking chairs look great next to side tables while giving you a practical place to reach drinks, snacks, or a magazine. They also are perfect by bookcases so you can grab your favorite book and cozy up with a good read by the fireplace.

Decorating with a Rocking Chair in the Bedroom

child's rocking chair with teddy bear

Rocking chairs in bedrooms provide places for quiet reading nooks or to rock the baby to sleep. Add a cushion for comfort for those late-night baby rocks. When decorating, place a small table next to the chair and a bookcase for easy access to reading material. Rocking chairs look stunning by windows in master bedrooms. They are a convenient place to put on your shoes in the morning. Child rocking chairs are a great addition to toddler and preschooler rooms to help them feel autonomous. Place a pillow or stuffed animal on it to bring warmth and comfort to a kid’s bedroom.

There are many rocking chair colors to choose from and a variety of ways to use them in your indoor and outdoor decor. The sky’s the limit when decorating with rocking chairs.

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