Children’s Rocking Chairs: The Perfect Gift

Have you ever noticed children have a knack for waking up in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Day? No matter what their schedule is every other day of the year, on Christmas morning, they wake with a start, tip-toe out of their rooms, and come to wake sleepy adults with one question on their lips, “Did Santa come?” 

No matter how old we are, the mere mention of our Christmas morning traditions brings a warm smile to our faces. 

We would love to help you bring a smile to your children’s faces with rocking chairs from Troutman Chair Company!

Selecting Children’s Rocking Chairs

how to choose a child's rocker

The Emilie Child Rocker makes a beautiful and sturdy gift for the children in your life. This chair features a scooped seat, which is contoured to fit your little one. It’s also been tested by a national testing facility for toxicity, safety, and durability. Our kid’s wooden rocking chairs have proven to be safe and are built to withstand the perils of playtime!

Imagine how delighted your little one will be to have a chair of his/her very own. Whether he’s/she’s pulling her rocker alongside the sofa for movie night or snuggling with a blanket for a bedtime story, his/her chair will become a part of the daily routine. There’s something so magical about knowing we have our own special place from which to share time and make memories with our family. 

The Emilie comes in five finishes, meant to coordinate whatever color scheme you have established in your home. Our colors include Natural, White, Geranium Red, Cotton Candy, and Navy. You’re sure to find just the right hue for your child’s bedroom or any living space in which their rocker will sit.

The 52 Child Rocker is another handmade child’s rocking chair. Also known as the Allison Child Rocker, this rocker is a bit bigger than the Emilie. Whereas the Emilie is 12” at the widest point, the Allison Child Rocker is 16 ⅛” at the widest point. The other dimensions are also scaled to create a comfortable kid’s wooden rocking chair that your child will love to rock in. 

The Allison comes in seven colors, two more than the Emilie. Whether you want to make your color selection based on integrating these chairs into the established color schemes of your home or based on your child’s favorite color, we are confident you will find one you’ll love! Your choices include Natural, White, Black, Geranium Red, Navy, Cotton Candy, and Charleston Green.

The Convenience of Gifting a Children’s Rocking Chair

Our children’s rocking chairs ship fully assembled (or include minor assembly), which means they can be ready to go only moments after they arrive on your doorstep. You could even wrap the box it comes in and top it with a big bow!

The Emilie comes fully assembled, while the Allison requires minor assembly. If you don’t usually walk around donning a toolbelt, don’t worry! We’ve created a video that’s easy enough for anyone to follow on the Allison Child Rocker product page. We’ve linked it here for your convenience: Easy Instructions for Attaching Runners.

Fun Ways to Present a Children’s Rocking Chair Gift

children's rocking chair with bear

Building a gifting theme around your child’s chair is a fun way to bring focus to the many ways your child will enjoy using their chair. Ideas we’ve seen include books, a cozy blanket to hang over the back of the chair, a stuffed animal, and even a little ottoman, which are currently popular at most discount retailers. 

Others have built a gifting theme around the idea that their child will enjoy having their own chair for family movie nights. Fun accessories like their favorite popcorn flavors, a mug accompanied with their favorite hot chocolate, and a pair of 3D glasses promise fun nights of entertainment ahead!

One more fun gifting idea is to pair either the Emilie or Allison Child Rockers with Max’s Table Set, a small child’s table and chair set perfect for art projects and tea parties. Pairing a rocker or two with this table lends itself to an arts and crafts theme. Pair these products with coloring books and crayons, Legos, paper dolls kits, and other art supplies to create a cozy nook in which your children can spend time creating.

However you choose to present the child in your life with their rocking chair, you can rest assured they will love their gift for years to come. And, of course, you can be confident that the rocker your child uses is built with the same attention to detail as our adult rocking chairs. Made with care and quality as tomorrow’s heirlooms. 

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