We are all different, thank goodness! TCC embraces the fact that we are unique, created and raised differently with distinctive characteristics! For that reason we offer several sizes, types, styles, finishes and personalized options!

To help you understand size differences pictured from right to left are 930 Plantation, 430 Classic, 330 Coastal and 146 Cottage.

Rocker 101

An introduction to the only piece of furniture where bodies in motion ten to sat at rest.

Every TCC rocker is hand-crafted with American hardwoods, Shaker contruction and 26 pairs of hands.

What does this mean for you?

  • Solid construction – No glue joints ever
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Stainless steel arm braces
  • Descending side rungs – kick back your rocker before runners are attached

Let's Talk Comfort!

  • Curved back rails – slats contour to your back
  • Option of steam bent back
  • Slats that further cradle your back
  • Seat slats nailed into curved wood
  • Scooped seats – side-to-side and front0-to-back – seats contour to fit you
  • Back mortised behind seat take pressure off your back
  • Runners – long arc for a nice long and lazy rock!

The Collection