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Curved seats and backs!
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ROCKING CHAIR THERAPYAunt Annie's Rocker in the Garden

You may be wondering what exactly is Rocking Chair Therapy?  Funny thing, we have always known that rocking in a rocking chair was therapeutic.

Imagine a shady southern porch, swaying ferns, ceiling fans humming, a perspiring glass of sweet tea, and an inviting rocking chair.  Picture yourself sliding into the rocking chair, feel your body sink in allowing your senses to relax, rest your head on the curved back, place your hands at the edge of the arms, close your eyes, take a deep sigh, and move back and forth effortlessly.  Listen to the sounds of summer, become aware of the stresses of the day slowly easing away with each rocking motion, the ice clinking with each sip of tea…………Now that is what we at Troutman Chair call Rocking Chair Therapy! 

Sitting in a rocking chair seems to do something to your body and mind, naturally causing you to relax whether or not that was your intent.  We had never placed a term or really researched further into causes, benefits, etc.  However, a phone call from a teacher in Washington State asking to purchase our Aunt Annie’s rocker spawned an interesting series of events!  It seems that using these rocking chairs in his classroom had helped his students, especially those diagnosed with ADHD.  They were able to concentrate and stay on task.  His goal is to have a rocker for every student! 

Champ got excited about this and started talking with people about ADHD and rocking.  He received so many enthusiastic responses that he started researching rocking in general.  Just for fun he did a Google search on Rocking Chair Therapy and was most surprised at all the information that came up. Well, if you know Champ you know that this really got him going.  Since that time he has spent hours on the web, in the library, and on the phone researching Rocking Chair Therapy.  The response Champ has received has been so positive and the many maladies that rocking helps so great, that he decided Troutman Chair needed to sponsor a .org site on the benefits of using a rocking chair.  Thus  was born!  Take a visit and let us know what you think!  We think you will be surprised at what you’ll find!

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